Wearable Arts – Glove

A student from Papatoetoe East School in Auckland was inspired by shape and colour. He created his own ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ using Tinkercad, and used a Green-screen to help film this video. This class had ‘Wearable Arts’ as their inquiry topic.

Choosing the best tool for the purpose

This post originally appeared in The Belbird blog written by Monika Kern. The Progress Outcomes for Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes include for students to learn about choosing the best tool for solving a technological problem: Progress Outcome 2In authentic contexts and taking account of end-users, students make decisions about creating, manipulating, storing, retrieving, sharing and testing digital content… Read More

Introducing Tinkercad

The team at Te Papa want to give you a taste of our favourite digital tools. He kai kei aku ringa, he koha mo te katoa. (I have ‘food’ in my hands to share as a gift for all.) Finally, we have Tinkercad. Tinkercad is easy to use 3-D design tool. These videos were created… Read More